Wisconsin faces threat of expanded tar sands pipeline

p_kalamazoo_river_oil_spill.jpgMost Wisconsinites probably don’t know that Wisconsin has a pipeline (Enbridge Line 61) that will be conveying more tar sands crude oil than was ever intended for the Keystone XL pipeline.  And chances are most people haven’t heard of Enbridge, the pipeline company, or of its Kalamazoo River disaster of 2010.  So let me fill you in.

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Upcoming local Green Party meetings

WIGP_solidarity_fist_logo.jpgCheck out these upcoming local Green Party meetings - especially if you're new to the Greens, there's never been a better time to get involved!

Madison: Four Lakes Green Party Meeting

Milwaukee: Greater Milwaukee Green Party Meeting

Oshkosh: Oshkosh Area Green Party Meetup

Stevens Point: Stevens Point Area Green Party Meeting

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Cap Times endorses Ron Hardy for State Treasurer

p_Ron_Hardy.jpgFrom the Cap Times:

Successive Wisconsin governors and legislators have taken powers away from the office of state treasurer, as part of a wrongheaded push to centralize authority in the governor’s office. But the treasurer retains sufficient authority to serve as a watchdog and an advocate. This year, with the position open, voters should be looking for the candidate who can best fill those roles.

They will find that candidate in Green Party nominee Ron Hardy. 

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Green Wisconsin Newsletter: Fall 2014

p_green_wisconsin_fall_2014.pngThe Fall 2014 edition of Green Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Green Party's newsletter, is here! The Fall issue features articles on energy rate hike schemes and the Keystone pipeline in our backyard; a statement from State Treasurer candidate Ron Hardy; a young Green's perspective on why she joined the party; how Howie Hawkins' campaign for NY Governor is showing Greens the path to success; and more!

Click here for the online version of the Fall 2014 issue of Green Wisconsin.

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Call for WI Green Party officer nominations

p_wisconsin_congressional_district_map.jpgThe Wisconsin Green Party will elect officers at the Fall 2014 meeting in Milwaukee. All positions are up for election, including 2 co-chairs, secretary, treasurer, 2 Coordinating Council representatives from each congressional district, and 4 Coordinating Council representatives from caucuses (Youth, Women, Diversity, LGBT). All party members in good standing are entitled to vote, and to submit self-nominations.

Read on for information about the positions available, and how to submit self-nominations.

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Get a free shirt or book when you become a WIGP member

p_public_bank_solution.jpgp_WIGP_t-shirt.pngFor a limited time - get a free Wisconsin Green Party "Live Green, Vote Green" t-shirt, or a copy of "The Public Banking Solution" by Ellen Brown, when you become a dues-paying member of the Wisconsin Green Party!

Click here for details.

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WI utilities' rate hike scheme is an attack on renewables, conservation, and the poor

p_coal_plant_wi.jpgThree major Wisconsin energy utilities are trying to push through a rate hike that, as Don Ferber of Madison explains below, would be "Robin Hood in reverse": punishing the poor and dealing a major blow to renewable energy and conservation. 

Read on for information about upcoming protest actions against the rate hike scheme in Madison and Milwaukee, and a short article explaining what's at stake:

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Green Party's Ron Hardy polling 12% in State Treasurer's Race

p_Ron_Hardy.jpgAn August 3 poll by Gravis on Wisconsin statewide races indicated 12% support for Green Party candidate for State Treasurer Ron Hardy in a hypothetical matchup with a Democrat and Republican, with 18% uncertain. The Democrat and Republican included in the poll were both defeated in their primaries. “With so little known about this race, these early numbers show public support for an independent solution to politics as usual,” said Hardy. 

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Video: Ron Hardy interview on WisEye

Ron Hardy, the Wisconsin Green Party's 2014 candidate for State Treasurer, spoke with Steve Walters of WisconsinEye on September 8th about his campaign, what the Green Party stands for, and how Wisconsin could benefit from a publicly-owned state bank.

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Meet Jill Stein in Madison Monday June 30th!

p_jill_stein_speech.jpgExciting news - 2012 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is coming to Madison! Dr. Stein will be in Madison on Monday, June 30th to meet with Wisconsinites and share her thoughts about building a progressive political movement independent of the corporate-sponsored Republican and Democratic parties.

WHAT: Independent progressive politics in Wisconsin: A conversation with Jill Stein
WHEN: Monday June 30th, 7pm - 9pm
WHERE: Brocach Irish Pub and Restaurant, 7 W Main St, Madison (on Capitol Square)
WHO: Jill Stein, 2012 Green presidential candidate, and Ron Hardy, 2014 Green WI State Treasurer candidate

See details and RSVP for a conversation with Jill Stein on Monday night.

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